Financial Assistance

Community First Fund

The fund is a financial assistance agency that provides local businesses the capital necessary to run, maintain, and develop their business, especially businesses in the City of Reading.   CFF’s programs offer various financial loans from small business loans to commercial mortgage loans. Contact: James E. Buerger, Chief Lending Officer (484) 577-4824 Visit Website →

Greater Berks Development Fund

The GBDF is an organization that specializes in the financing, real estate, and development of business sites across the county. The GBDF offers a number of financial options for businesses trying to secure a prime site or a business looking to relocate.  The organization serves as the initial point of application for many of the state’s economic assistance programs. Contact:  (610) 376-6739 Visit Website →

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

The PHFA serves as the Commonwealth’s primary resource for developing housing resources for the citizens of Pennsylvania.  From helping first-time home buyers secure an affordable mortgage to providing resources to developers to create affordable housing developments, PHFA offers a number of programs and services that promote economic growth and prosperity in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Contact:  PHFA (717) 780-3800 Visit Website →