Data and Statistical Resources

Berks County Planning Commission

The BCPC is the county’s area wide planning organization that provides planning services on projects ranging from land use to transportation. The commission is also involved in preservation and development activities. It acts in an advisory capacity to the Berks County Board of Commissioners. The BCPC has access to a wealth of data on Berks County.

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Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a national resource available to anyone with internet access that houses data which include but are not limited to the economy, foreign markets, industrial growth, etc. For any type of business looking for detailed statistics on issues both foreign and domestic, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a prime resource.

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Greater Reading Economic Partnership

The GREP is Berks County focused organization that helps promote and provides assistance to bushiness within Berks. The partnership offers a number of services that are vital to businesses in the county of which include but are not limited to real estate options, financial assistance, local utility providers, etc. The GREP has a database of local contacts that prospective entrepreneurs and business owners can take advantage of.

Contact: (610) 376-4237
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Pennsylvania State Data Center

The PSDC maintains a number of data bases that contain information about the Commonwealth. Recent census data and other statistics on the population of Pennsylvania along with economical statistics that can be utilized by business owners.

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