Employment and Training

Berks Career and Technology Center and Reading Muhlenberg CTC

The Berks CTC and Reading Muhlenberg CTC are Berks counties branches of the statewide CTC system. The Berks CTC and Reading Muhlenberg CTC offer training in a number of trades and occupations ranging from industrial professions to medical training. BCTC operates as a school of choice, designed for students who are seeking to enhance their educational program with a highly relevant career and technical experience that is connected directly to business and industry. Over 400 business and industry advisors review and update the school’s educational program annually. Oley:  (610) 987-2706 Visit Berks Career and Technology Center Website → Visit Reading Muhlenberg CTC Website →

Reading Muhlenberg Career Link

Career Link is a state program that connects businesses and individuals to a wide range of services. Job seekers and employers come here to get help finding a job or looking  for a pool of qualified individuals. Phone: Business Services: (610) 988-1300 Job Seekers:  (610) 988-1300 Visita el sitio web →


The RACC career training programs offer non-credit certificate training for a number of professions encompassing both business and technology in as little as six weeks to six months and are designed to prepare adults for entry or re-entry into the job market. RACC offers programs in Business Occupational Training as well as Medical occupational training, information technology and an auctioneering certification program. A number of online courses are provided as well Contact: Workforce Development:  (610) 372-4721 Ext: 5176

Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA)

Through the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA), the Commonwealth and its statewide network of Wednet partners is making training funds and other resources available to business to develop highly trained workforce. From essential skills to advanced technical training, WEDnetPA helps ensure that workers have the skills they need to compete in the global market. Additional information is available by contacting 1-877-WEDNETPA (933-6387). Visita el sitio web →

Workforce Investment Board

WIB is the county wide board that evaluates the needs of Berks County’s workforce and filters the necessary resources to keep Berks Counties workers efficient. The purpose of the Berks County Workforce Development Board (WDB) is to identify the long-term, strategic workforce development needs of the community; propose strategies to meet those needs; set priorities; build partnerships to align resources in support of those strategies; test specific initiatives to advance those ends; and measure and evaluate results.  WIB has a number of resources and data from economic outlook reports to business seeking services. Contact:  (610) 988-1395